Smart heads

The people behind the research projects

IFW | Using Artificial Intelligence in production faster and easier: That is the vision of IIP-Ecosphere. Per Schreiber, research associate at the Institute of Production Engineering and Machine Tools (IFW), is responsible for coordinating this multifaceted project.
ITA/HOT | Since July 1, 2020, the team of the Cluster of Excellence PhoenixD has a new member: Professor Dr. Antonio Cala Lesina works in the Optical Design and Multiphysics Simulation Resort. The topic “nanostructures” has already accompanied him for a large part of his international career.
PhoenixD | The Cluster of Excellence PhoenixD cluster (Photonics Optics Engineering – Innovation Across Disciplines) receives 52 million euros in federal and state funding. How the approximately 110 researchers are using this money, explain the cluster’s executive board members, Professor Dr Uwe Morgner and Professor Dr Ludger Overmeyer.
PhoenixD | Dr Reinhard Caspary is the technology coordinator of the Cluster of Excellence PhoenixD at Leibniz University Hannover. The graduate physicist and doctor of electrical engineering wishes the cluster members to develop a collective identity as “optics researchers”.