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Manometric respiration test

Microorganisms consume oxygen (O2) and produce carbon dioxide (CO2) as they metabolize the test substance in closed bottle systems. The CO2 is absorbed using an absorber, resulting in a pressure change within the system that can be used to infer biodegradation.

Material homogeneity

Homogeneous materials have a uniform composition throughout and cannot be mechanically separated into different materials.


Model test systems holding up to several hundred liters, designed to best mimic the complexity of real aquatic ecosystems. The systems are intended to help close the gap between laboratory experiments and reality.


Microgravity refers to 1-millionth of the acceleration due to gravity on Earth (µg ≙ 10-6 g, 1 g corresponds to the acceleration due to gravity on Earth at 9.81 m/s2). It is also considered synonymous with weightlessness in science. In the Einstein Elevator, the goal is to achieve microgravity (≈1∙10-6 g) for the large experimental […]


Mechatronic Integrated Devices


Metal-oxide-semiconductor field-effect transistors are transistors based on the doping of silicon. A current flow from source to drain is made possible by applying a voltage to the gate.

MRO processes

MRO processes comprise the maintenance, repair and overhaul of machinery and equipment.