The future of production technology

IFW | In the IIP-Ecosphere project, an autonomous test cell is being developed that will be integrated into a real production system. Supplemented by an intelligent production control system, the project is expected to significantly increase the performance of the entire production system.
match | Adhesive bonding is a joining technology of the future. Bonding in an oxygen-free atmosphere offers completely new possibilities: Adhesive bonds of metals become more durable without an intervening oxide layer, and the curing of adhesives can be specifically influenced.
IW | A new class of materials impresses with its absence of main elements and limitless combination possibilities. The so-called high entropy alloys are being researched, among others, at the Institute of Materials Science (IW) of Leibniz University Hannover.
ITA/IPH | How to compensate the restricted vision in forklifts with the help of strategically placed cameras and augmented reality glasses? Scientists from ITA and IPH are jointly tackling this question.