The future of production technology

IFA | At first glance, factories and hospitals have little in common. But factory planning can help prepare hospital systems for current and future challenges. Promising solutions are offered by flow orientation and transformability.
IPH | What factors influence the running behavior of idlers? How do they behave in heat and cold; how resistant are they to water and dust? All this can be investigated with the new test rigs at IPH. Even motor-driven idlers are tested there.
IFW | In the IIP-Ecosphere project, an autonomous test cell is being developed that will be integrated into a real production system. Supplemented by an intelligent production control system, the project is expected to significantly increase the performance of the entire production system.
match | Adhesive bonding is a joining technology of the future. Bonding in an oxygen-free atmosphere offers completely new possibilities: Adhesive bonds of metals become more durable without an intervening oxide layer, and the curing of adhesives can be specifically influenced.