The future of production technology

IW | A new class of materials impresses with its absence of main elements and limitless combination possibilities. The so-called high entropy alloys are being researched, among others, at the Institute of Materials Science (IW) of Leibniz University Hannover.
ITA/IPH | How to compensate the restricted vision in forklifts with the help of strategically placed cameras and augmented reality glasses? Scientists from ITA and IPH are jointly tackling this question.
match | The construction industry is currently facing three significant challenges: workforce shortage, low productivity and high environmental impact. To counter these, researchers at the match develop algorithms for robot-based additive manufacturing of near-net-shape concrete components.
IPH | In cooperation with Otto Fuchs KG, IPH is researching methods to predict and avoid thin flash during flashless forging of aluminum. The development of target-oriented sealing concepts should significantly increase process efficiency in the future.
IMPT/IQ | In order to measure the gravitational acceleration g due to gravity with high precision, scientists are developing miniaturized quantum gravimeters. These could be used on satellites and in research rockets, to study climate change or for earthquake warning.