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IKK | Meret Jürgens is one of 60 scholarship holders of the German Federal Environmental Foundation (DBU). She is working on her doctorate on circular economy concepts for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) at the Institute of Plastics and Circular Economy (IKK).
IFUM | Alternative lubricant concepts play a special role in times of raw material scarcity. Water-based lubricants offer many advantages in terms of disposal, operation and savings. Their application limits are being investigated at the Institute of Forming Technology and Machines (IFUM).
IW | A new class of materials based on refractory metals shines with application temperatures at which conventionally used high-temperature materials fail. The so-called niobium-MASC alloys are being researched at the Institut für Werkstoffkunde (IW, Materials Science) of Leibniz University Hannover.
IFA | Scientists at the IFA want to support small and medium-sized enterprises in meeting planned delivery deadlines – with the shortest possible delivery times and low unit costs. To this end, they are researching a methodology for operationalizing the load flexibility of production systems.
IFW | When grinding long cantilever tools, displacement of the workpiece occurs. This reduces the manufacturing quality. IFW is developing a sensory grinding spindle to compensate displacement during tool grinding and reduce scrap.
IKK | Standardization is an integral part of the circular economy, enabling a universal assessment of materials, processes and products. At the same time, the important role of standards in transferring research findings into practice is often underestimated. For this reason, IKK – Institute of Plastics and Circular Economy actively participates in standardization committees for the plastics recycling sector.