Degradation behavior

Change in the physical and chemical properties of a material in response to external influences such as temperature and UV radiation. Usually results in degradation and fragmentation processes within the material.

Delivery performance

The delivery performance is defined as the relative obedience of guaranteed lead times against internal or external customers.


Dicing is a metal-cutting process that uses peripheral grinding wheels to profile or cut substrates. The blade widths of such grinding blades can be very thin, with values in the two-digit micrometre range, allowing very fine cuts to be produced.

Dielectric strength

Dielectric strength reflects the electric field strength at which an electrically insulating material loses insulating properties and conductivity increases sharply. Due to damage to the material, this is an irreversible process.


ECOPROFIT is a program recognized throughout Europe that helps companies to protect the environment and reduce costs at the same time. It combines sustainability (ecology) and economic efficiency (profit). ECOPROFIT Hannover is a joint project of the City and the region of Hannover and the local companies.

Energy Harvesting

Harvesting small amounts of electrical current from the environment (for example, from temperature differences or vibrations).

Fiber laser beam sources

Fiber laser beam sources use the doped cores of glass fibers as the laser medium. Fiber lasers belong to the group of solid-state lasers and are often used in material processing.

Fiber orientation

Orientation of the reinforcing fibers in the component. The anisotropic orientation of the fibers in fiber-reinforced plastics means that the mechanical properties of the component depend on the direction of loading.

Fiber-reinforced plastic

Composite of reinforcing fibers (for example glass, carbon or natural fibers) and a plastic matrix, which combines the advantages of both materials and enables lightweight materials with high stiffness and strength.